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Help support Mary Meuser Memorial Library
by participating in our new Adopt-A- Book Program

Due to substantial funding cuts at State and Local levels, we are developing a “Book Adoption” program to help keep new books on the shelves. Here’s how it works:

* Each month the Library will display a list of books that the Library would like to purchase. If you would like to be the first to read the book, you may make a donation toward the purchase price. Our cost will be displayed alongside each title. You can still reserve the book free-of-charge, but donors get the first read.

* Or, purchase one of the books on the list yourself, and when you are finished reading it, donate it to the Library. Just fill out a donor form so we know what book to expect as a donation. Your book donations are tax deductible.

For more information, drop by the Circulation Desk and talk to our Adult Services Librarian, Wende Fazio. Thanks in advance for your interest.

September Titles Available for Adoption

“12 Months to Live” by James Patterson  $18.00

“ADHD Explained: Your Tool Kit to Understanding and Thriving” by Edward M. Hallowell  $24.00

“All the Dead Shall Weep” by CharlaineHarris  $ 17.00

“Amazing Grace Adams” by Fran Littlewood  $17.00

“American Castle: 100 Years of Mar-a-Lago” by Mary Shanklin  $ 28.00

“The Armor of Light” by Ken Follett  $23.00

“Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune” by Anderson Cooper  $20.00

“Backstory: Skirmish Cove Mysteries” by Susan P. Davis $23.00

“Bartleby and Me: Reflections of an old Scrivener” by Gay Talese  $17.00

“Beyond the Door of No Return” by David Diop  $$16.00

“Beyond the Wall: A History of East Germany” by KatjaHoyer  $33.00

“The Binding Room” by Nadine Matheson  $27.00

“Black AF History: The Un-whitewashed Story of America” by Michael Harriot  $19.00

“Blessed in the Mess: How to Experience God’s Goodness in the Midst of Life’s Pain” by Joyce Meyer $18.00

“Blessing of the Lost Girls” by J.A. Jance  $18.00

“The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons from the Healthiest Places on Earth” by Dan Buettner  $19.00

“The Bone Hacker” by Kathy Reichs  $46.00

“The Breakaway” by Jennifer Weiner  $17.00

“Code Red: A Mitch Rapp Novel” by Kyle Mills  $18.00

“The Continental Affair” by Christine Mangan  $17.00

“The Couples Trip” by Ulf Kvensler  $ 18.00

“Darius” by J.R. Ward  $ 17.00

“Dead Man’s Wake” by Paul Doiron  $17.00

“Don’t Forget the Girl” by Rebecca McKanna  $15.00

“The Drowning Woman” by Robyn Harding  $27.00

“Games for Dead Girls” by Jen Williams  $26.00

“Holly” by Stephen King  $18.00

“The Last Drop of Hemlock” by Katharine Schellman  $17.00

“The Last Word” by Adams Taylor  $18.00

The Lie Maker” by Linwood Barclay  $18.00

“The New Mother” by Nora Murphy  $17.00

“None of This Is True” by Lisa Jewell  $17.00

“Not So Perfect Strangers” by L.S. Stratton  $16.00

“Payback in Death” by J.D. Robb  $18.00

“She Started It” by Sian Gilbert  $18.00

“The Spare Room” by Andrea Bartz  $17.00

“Things We Do In the Dark” by Jennifer Hillier $27.00

“What Remains” by Wendy Walker

“What the Neighbors Saw” by Melissa Adelman  $17.00

“You Can Trust Me” by Wendy Heard  $17.00